YENA Conference 2017: The Future on Youth and Employment in North Africa

The International Labour Organization will host a High-Level Conference on Youth and Employment in North Africa with participants from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia, as well as development partners and major stakeholders to agree on a five-year plan of action and roadmap to enhance the youth employability in the sub-region.

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North Africa was hard-hit by high levels of youth unemployment, low female labour force participation, compromised job quality, increasing informality and, slow productivity and underemployment. Yet, countries have been able to move past emergency and short-term responses to undertake substantial reforms in favour of a more inclusive and job-rich growth. Under the theme "Scale up actions for youth employment", the two-day conference will address the most pressing issues of Youth and Decent Work in North Africa. The interactive platform will provide an opportunity to share the latest key initiatives, results, and priorities ahead for each country. The programme of YENA includes: - Information session: Youth and decent work in North Africa Country presentations: Key initiatives, results, and priorities ahead - A panel discussion: Closing the youth employment gap in North Africa -Two High- level Dialogue sessions dedicated to the "Pillars of decent work for youth" and "A new roadmap for youth employment promotion in North Africa".

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