The skills mismatch: the digital skills employers are looking for

ITU and ILO will organize an interactive session that will gather private sector companies who will share with the audience their views on the digital skills required in the digital economy. Young people preparing for careers requiring digital skills, ITU Academic members and other digital skills training providers are encouraged to attend for an interactive session to identify current and future needs for digital skills. The Digital Skills for Decent Jobs for Youth campaign is a key element of Decent Jobs for Youth seeking to incentivize a range of stakeholders to train young people with job-ready digital skills.

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  • International Labour Organization (ILO)

Sustainable Development Goals & targets


In the face of the global youth employment crisis, with more than 66 million young people out of work, millions of jobs requiring advanced digital skills go unfilled because employers say they can’t find candidates with the skills they need. There is a mismatch between how institutions of learning prepare their students and the skills demanded in the labour market. Digital skills (advanced, mid-level, basic, entrepreneurship and soft skills) are increasingly needed for nearly all jobs and professional careers. Understanding the skills demanded in the labour market is thus essential to ensue young women and men are equipped with relevant, transferable, job-relevant digital skills. This is in line with SDG 4.3 which calls for equal access for women and men to affordable and relevant education and SDG 4.4 which calls for increasing the number of youth and adults with relevant skills for employment. SDGs 5.5 and 5.b are addressed through guiding young people, universities and training providers on the skills needed to ensure young women and men alike can pursue successful professional careers in the digital economy. Considering the number and quality of jobs available for young people with digital skills, the discussion will provide a better understanding of the digital skills demanded in the digital economy thus addressing the current youth employment crisis in line with SDGs 8.5 and 8.6.

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