"The first step towards self-employment and enterprise start-up is self-discovery, i.e. seeing whether you have “what it takes” to become an entrepreneur. There are various assessment tools available to help you get a sense of what “being enterprising” means."

What is it?

This short induction training module helps users design and deliver workshops about enterprises and start-ups for young people.

How does it work?

It is meant to accompany learning activities, although it may also be used as reference material or for self-learning purposes. The learning process starts with a self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses according to a set of self-employment skills and attitudes, then proceeds with tips on how to generate business ideas, assess feasibility, and draft a business plan.

Why is it useful?

It guides young people as they explore self-employment and entrepreneurship.


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Young people aged 15-24, employment counsellors and workshop facilitators.

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