Digital Skills are Key to Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

14 July 2020

In Nigeria, 55% of the youth population is either underemployed or unemployed, in large part due to a mismatch between the job market and the skills youth are trained in. Practical, digital, and entrepreneurial skills that would better prepare youth for future (self-)employment are all lacking in the current education system. In fact, Nigerian graduates tend to feel better prepared for further education than actual employment, and rate themselves low on the competencies required to enter the workforce.

Employers seem to agree – research amongst 600 management staff shows a significant mismatch of 60% between expected and actual skills of graduates, especially in communication, IT, decision making, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills.

Preparing for the future beyond COVID-19

It goes without saying that demand for 21st-century skills, particularly digital and technological skills, is higher than ever.

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14 July 2020