What is it?

In the frame of the ‘Boosting decent employment for Africa’s youth partnership between INCLUDE, IDRC and ILO, under the umbrella of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, a series of evidence synthesis papers will be released in the coming years. Led by INCLUDE, these papers will take stock of existing evidence on themes relevant to the youth employment debate. This fourth paper in the series was prepared by Valeria Izzi. ‘Promoting Decent Employment for African Youth as a Peacebuilding Strategy’. The paper sets out to address two main research questions:

1. How does the quality of work play out in the employment/peacebuilding connection?

2. Can a focus on decent work strengthen the impact of youth employment programmes on peacebuilding?


Programmes do not happen in sterile lab conditions: they become strongly intertwined with the local political economy context. Who gets which jobs, and how, is just as important, from a peacebuilding perspective, than the overall quantity of jobs created.