Virtual Meeting of the Global Network on Youth Transitions: COVID-19 and Youth Transitions

This will be the first meeting of the Global Interdisciplinary Policy Research Network on Youth Transitions, since its launch on 21 February 2020. The Global Network was co-created by the academic members from the Global North and the Global South and policy partners with a shared interest in advancing the understanding on youth transitions and youth policies, and as the outcome of Global Conference on Policy Research on Youth Transitions at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

The objective of the virtual meeting in November is to have  a structured exchange and brainstorming amongst the Global Network members on the Impact of COVID-19 on youth transitions and its  implications for the focus of the Global Network going forward.

The meeting will be structured around the three main clusters as the Global network’s main priorities:

  • School to work Transitionshighlighting in particular the impact on Education and on Livelihoods and Jobs;
  • Youth in fragile situations of Violence, Conflict and Transition to Peace;
  • Youth  and  political participation, with   a particular emphasis on COVID-19 and human rights.


Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies


  • The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth

Sustainable Development Goals & targets



This invitation is addressed to the core founding members of the Global Network who participated in the Conference and in the creation of the Global Network.

The Network aims at an inclusive and global outreach to academia, researchers and think tanks who work on youth transition issues in the global South and North, East and West.

Following the launch, the Global Network has been actively welcome further contributions and expanded partnership.

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