The Decent Jobs for Youth knowledge facility is a digital platform of tools, publications, databases, thematic resources and more to support evidence-informed action on youth employment.

It leverages the collective experience of multiple partners to share curated, state of the art knowledge and to facilitate learning opportunities for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of youth employment policies and programmes

The Knowledge Facility is separated into three parts: Learn, Engage, and Contribute.

Check out the Learn section to find key resources on youth employment, such as publications; latest data at national, regional and global level; trusted platforms and databases on policies, standards and legislation; tools; news and blogs. All resources are easily discoverable through a powerful search feature. 

The Engage section is where you’ll find interactive resources on youth employment, such as webinars, online courses, videos and events. Explore it to engage and learn from a wealth of collective experience and knowledge.

Access the Contribute section to submit key knowledge resources, gain visibility and tap into a vast network of stakeholders dedicated to creating positive change for young people.



Discover text-based resources, including global and country-level reports, case studies and more that provide guidance for policy makers, practitioners and researchers around the world.



Contribute to the Decent Jobs for Youth Knowledge Facility

Decent Jobs for Youth is the inclusive global initiative to scale up action and impact on youth employment under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The knowledge facility is a collaborative effort to support evidence-informed decision-making on youth employment with curated, state of the art knowledge from multiple partners.

To contribute, an organization must register to become a partner of Decent Jobs for Youth. Partners tap into a vast network of resources and convening power to create real and positive change for young people. By contributing knowledge resources, organizations will be recognized as a key contributing partners of the knowledge facility.

Partners may submit the following types of resources relevant to youth employment: publications, platforms, websites, databases, tools, events, news, blogs, videos, webinars and online courses, as well as suggestions for smart search of external websites.