Youth Agro-pastoral Entrepreneurship Summit

The 2019 Youth Agropastoral Entrepreneurs Summit is an open space for the different stakeholders to exchange and share knowledge with outstanding young entrepreneurs and advocates, engage informal and formal private sector, including SME’s, hear international experts, ,discuss innovative tools for solving the real problems together, map the roads for the scale up from local solutions to policies, and boost inclusive networks and coordinate actions.

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Government of Cameroon


  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • UN System in Cameroon
  • PROCASUR Corporation


The Summit aims at facilitating a global dialogue and knowledge share with youth and Public-Private sector entities that will contribute to promote youth entrepreneurship, reduce rural poverty, improve food security and nutrition. The meeting will open spaces for youth to unleash the potential of the farm and off-farm business opportunities, that promote decent work and is environmentally friendly. It will do so by:

i) Strengthening the youth inclusion and participation in rural development programs, and policies in West and Central Africa;

ii) Identifying viable opportunities and innovative solutions that promote rural youth’s leadership role and develop entrepreneurship skills;

iii) Reinforcing a regional and global network which aggregates young agro-pastoral entrepreneurs and magnifies the impact of their activities.

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