Launched Decent Jobs for Youth Event Calendar

The Decent Jobs for Youth team has developed a Youth-related event calendar on Trello. The calendar will include Decent Jobs for Youth partners' webinars, events and conferences for your dissemination and active participation. We would greatly appreciate your contributions to upcoming events through the form available here.

How to see the event calendar?

Go to the Decent Jobs for Youth event calendar here. Then, click on the "Calendar Power-Up" button on the screen to see events in a calendar view by date.

How to link the calendar to your outlook?

Link this calendar to your outlook by clicking on the setting button to the left of the "X" on the right of the screen, which shows the Trello calendar URL. Then, in your outlook calendar, click "Add Calendar" at the top of the screen, and select "From Internet". Then paste the URL of the Trello calendar into your outlook calendar. You can then see the Trello events in your outlook.


  • The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth

Published Date

22 February 2023