Digital skills are needed in all fields, beyond the technology niche. There is a need to develop 21st century skills in the next generation so that they can function in a digital economy. One of our partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, Eidos Global, has implemented digital-skill programmes in Latin America.

Eidos Global is now planning to expand this programme in Africa and looking for new partners to collaborate together in both Latin America and Africa.


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  • Microsoft
  • The Trust for the Americas
  • The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth

Call for Partners to expand digital-skill programmes in Latin America and Africa


How to partner with the programme


About the programme

  • The programme has been developed in Latin America and is an ongoing programme that started in 2021 and ends at the end of 2023. It had already impacted 950 million people there. It is a regional, 3 year training programme in digital, cognitive and socio-emotional skills. The training is focused on enhancing the development of digital employability in the region.
  • The goal is to provide the tools so that 2 million people of the working age population in Latin America can strengthen their professional digital skills and for people to be prepared to face the changes of the future of work.
  • Eidos Global is planning to take the programme to Africa, especially English speaking countries.
  • Training trainers from governments, organizations, and trade unions so that they can facilitate Skills for the Future: an online course focusing on digital skills, emotional intelligence and lifelong learning.
  • The training focuses on the teaching of digital content and cognitive and socio-emotional skills so that participants can take ownership of the learning process. Afterwards they are going to be able to apply these tools in multiple contexts of their working and personal life.

What does the programme offer

  • Training for trainers: 5 meeting each lasting 2 hours (10 hours in total). In the training, they will show the main content and educational aspects of the course Skill for the Future, as well as the strategies to support participants.
  • Teaching kit: Prepared to guide the trainer when repeating the course themselves. The kit includes key information such as: Educational guides and PPTs of the classes; Training of trainers and pilot test videos; Attendance templates, correction of assignments and e-mails to participants; Practice exercises.


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