Rights and Voices of Youth

To address the extent of today’s youth employment challenge, it takes more than just one organization or one sector; it literally takes a movement! The Decent Jobs for Youth annual conference in 2019 will run under the theme Rights and Voices of Youth, promoting an inclusive and rights-based youth employment agenda that allows youth to find their voice and advance their interests. 


Under the tagline “Rights and Voices of Youth”, this year’s annual Decent Jobs for Youth conference invites a reflection on the transformative power of collective action in advancing a youth employment agenda that is rights-based, inclusive, and results-oriented. For all young people, especially those facing discrimination and disadvantage, human rights – which include labour rights – provide a base from which they can make their voices heard, assert their interests and find work that is productive and decent. We fully  tap into the potential of Decent Jobs for Youth's multi-stakeholder alliance, offering an event catered to knowledge exchange that features young global leaders at its heart. 

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