Academy on Employment

Responding to current and evolving labour market challenges, the Academy aims to build the capacities of government officials, social partners and other relevant stakeholders in designing and implementing effective policies and programmes, including national employment policies and programmes that target youth and women. It will cover different aspects of monitoring and evaluation of interventions to promote evidence-based policymaking. 

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International Labour Organization (ILO)

United Nations system entity


  • International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO)


The Academy is learner-centred and highly participatory. It will be facilitated by a pool of ILO and ITCILO officials and other learning experts. The main objective of the Academy is to strengthen the capacities of participants in the design and implementation of policies and programmes that address the critical employment challenges, especially youth employment, in their countries. In addition to enhancing capacities and knowledge, the Academy is also intended to stimulate peer learning, networking and possible future collaboration among participants and their respective institutions and organizations.

As part of the elective thematic courses to be offered at the Academy, participants will have the opportunity to build capacity on how to adapt national policy measures and employment programmes to specific characteristics of youth participation in the labour market to promote decent jobs for youth. You can download the event's flyer for more information on the programme of the Academy.

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