Up to 60 million new jobs in the green economy could potentially be created by 2030. If properly managed, green growth can provide an opportunity to address the youth employment challenge while simultaneously preserving the environment and increasing climate resilience.

Young people are increasingly concerned about the future of the planet and their vested interest in environmental issues can act as a key driver for greening economies. Meeting future food demand also presents opportunities for creating jobs for rural youth in sustainable agriculture.


Creating job opportunities in the green economy requires a balanced set of support services that will make the sector attractive to young people and allow them to be productive while adapting the effects of climate change. Decent Jobs for Youth focuses on supporting policies to boost employment creation through greening economies and sustainable green infrastructure, including responsive skills policies in green sectors. Additionally, existing employment-intensive investments into green growth can be expanded specifically to target young people, and green entrepreneurial competencies for youth will be fostered in collaboration with business development service providers.


The ILO and UN Environment are committed to leading on this thematic priority. Decent Jobs for Youth brings together a growing number of partners who are committed to supporting the creation of green jobs and ensuring that young people have the necessary skills to work and thrive in this sector.


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